What is virtual office?

A service that offer smart business owner or aspiring entrepreneurs flexible and expandable business facilities at the fraction of a conventional office.

Virtual Office gives you on-demand work space, meeting space, dedicated business telephone and various business assistance services such as secretarial services, book keeping / accounting service, tele-marketing service and even personal concierge service such as paying bills, depositing cheques, making reservation and more.

How can virtual office helps you?

improves business image
  • Instantly improves your business image. Project a remarkable impression everytime.
  • Gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere — work from home, abroad or another location.
Save Money
  • Save you alot money. See how do conventional office and virtual office compare.
Reduce Stresse
  • Reduce your Stress and frustration due to traffic jam and parking problems.
more time
  • Enable you to spend more time with your loved ones and lead a more balanced life.
most productive time
  • Allow you to work when you are most productive; be it 7am or 2am.
more comfortable
  • Work in a more comfortable style & environment.


A secure portal for our clients to manage their calls, mails, facilities bookings, services and bills in Real Time.

  • App
  • App
  • App
Call Control

Monitor all your caller details and messages, manage your phone handling instruction and contacts.

Mail Management

Monitor and control collection of all your incoming mails and parcels.

Meeting room/facilities booking

Manage usage of facilities at all vOffice outlets World Wide.

Billing Management

Easy and clear billing management for all services.

.. and many other features to support your day to day business operation.


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Since 2003. Virtual Office Malaysia (vOffice) has served over 22,000 businesses and available in over 42 locations. Virtual Office Malaysia enable businesses to scale fast and operate leanly. For more information about virtual office Malaysia, please call us at +603 2788 3555 or email us at