1800 Service Pricing Matrix

One time setup fee


Line Rental


Line Deposit


Reverse call charges

RM0.18 per minute

Minimum term

1 year contract

Setup up lead time

10 working days

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Add 1800 TOLL FREE Service and get more Sales!

It is found that if a business has a Toll Free number, it is perceive as credible, dependable, big and is one of the market leader. It is these feeling that makes your potential customer feels more comfortable and choose to call you over your competitors!

What's the benefits 1800 to your caller?

FREE from any fixed line phone anywhere in Malaysia.

If the caller is using a mobile phone, they will pay a rate that is determined by their mobile service provider.

1800 numbers give your business an immediate edge over your competitors

  • Indicates commitment to high quality customer service
  • Creates nationwide perception
  • Offers a single contact number nationwide
  • Number stays the same even if you move office

How to use the 1800 number?

1800 number can be added to your existing Receptionist or Fax services. Once it's setup, your caller can call your 1800 to reach you or they can call your direct number such as +603 XXXX XXXX.


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